Tuesday, June 21, 2005

from the kitchen window

Mum published a photo of the view from her kitchen window....this is what i see from mine. We just like to think all that land is ours!!!


caliope said...

uau! :)

kath red said...

no - not there this weekend - having a weekend off. but will be there for the next three weekends after that. there is a kids day on the 10th july. are you getting kids hats? i saw the most adorable ones being sold last week by 'feed the dog' they don't have a website but if you are there keep your eyes out for them.

kath red said...

i forgot you are outa here soon. have a great trip - and keep up the blogging - sounds like its going to be a good trip - and educational for the kids too - learning german. i look forward to meeting you - you can shoot me an email at kricketson [at] gmail [dot] com anytime.