Monday, September 12, 2005

baking and stuff

The kids helped me bake scones the other day. We ended up with little moons and stars, which looked good and tasted yummy. I love having little helpers with me in the kitchen. Daughter number 2 really is my biggest help and loves cutting things up and stirring whatever is on the stove. I really am intersted to see what kind of a cook she will turn out to be.

Lucky we had made quite a few because when I came back to the kitchen and saw the kids doing this with the rest of the dough....we didn't bake anymore!!

My attempt and some cinnamon scrolls!! They were OK, bit 'yeasty' though and even though I put more cinnamon in than the recipe asked for...they could have done with more!! I still remember the cinnamon scrolls at a little bakery in Lake Louise Canada, they were so delicious!! I have been hunting for similar ever since and thought I might be able to make my own.....alas the taste of those wonderful cinnamon scrolls will be held with my many wonderful memories of Canada!! Reminding me that so many of life's wonderful experiences need to stay in the place they happened.

Quick photo of this wonderful blossom tree in our garden....before the wild winds at the moment blow every little blossom to the four corners of the garden and beyond!!

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