Thursday, October 06, 2005


A photo taken by one of the idea what is was but let's call it "yellow". I quite like it.
At the moment I seem to be living from one Uni assignment to the next and I am really looking forward to this semester being finished. My mid semester break didn't coincide with the kids current school holidays, so I haven't been that much fun to hang out with these holidays as spare moments are takien up with reading my stuff. Thankfully they have been great and despite colds and the icky eyes....they all got it....have entertained themselves quite happily.
Rabbits continue to thrive and do well, although Fidgit has bitten Shay twice now and left a bruise!!! Not sure what his problem is!


Cassi said...

Oooh, I like that picture too :) I know your rabbits are still young, but our little male went from being a sweet cuddly baby to a horny teenage boy overnight and got a little more aggressive. My sister has a female that got more territorial with age too. Supposedly neutering/spaying will fix those problems. Our baby is still a sweety, just a little more grown up :D

kath red said...

ugh sound awful, hope they are all well and you managed to get some help in the holidays.