Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Knock at the door

Well yesterday morning there was a knock at the door and there was our neighbour. I was almost going to pretend we were not home for fear of what she was going to do. But I did open the door to a barrage of very bad English and lots of pointing at my car!! From what I could make out a car like ours was being really noisy at 2.00am and driving around the street really fast. Now we in this house were all safely tucked up in our beds. So unless someone took our car for a joy ride it wasn't ours. When I asked her if she left all the things here, she said Yes and that she was "sorry, sorry, sorry...mistake mistake!!". Now who knows what is true but I do know that an eight seater Mini Van is not conducive to 'burn outs' 'revving' and speeding....In fact I think you would look really stupid!! At least we know it was something that set her off (again..yes we have had other incidents and she doesn't deal well with machine noise, which is funny because she has two sons who leave their cars running all the time!!) and that it wasn't personal!!!

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judypatooote said...

Your a pretty funny writer...I love reading your posts....

Some people just jump into blaming, before they know the facts.....some people have nothing better to do......and some people just love to find any little thing to find fault with, it's in their genes.....I can picture that little lady (?) right now.....lol