Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Garden

While photos of the plants in my garden will never be as amazing as those of my Mum and in actual fact many of my plants are cuttings from hers....I just don't put in the same amount of 'Love' that she does. Still what I do like about my garden, is all the things i have 'planted' in it that despite my lack of "garden love" will survive!!!

This is a mosaic stepping stone I made. Of course it has too mant sharp bits to allow anyone to step on it so it adds colour to a garden bed.

This pebble patch is under the outdoor shower we have in the garden. You can massage your feet while having a cold shower!!

This is the kids sandpit!! Painted Purple 'cause we all love Purple!!


Alice said...

Shelle - what have you done to the font on your blogs? Please have pity on your aged mother and restore them to a size that I can read.

Your garden is you - all things to all people, jumbled and full of lovely surprises.

shellyC said...

NO IDEA.....what I have done!! Have e.mailed Mr Technology for help!!

Suse said...

I love that pebble patch.