Wednesday, February 08, 2006

tagged!!..kind of...

My sister did this meme and said she would tag anyone who wants to do it!!! So here goes...

Four Things...

4 jobs I have had..
florist...i still leave flowers in their vases for weeks!!
nanny...and I still had kids of my own!!
telemarketer...trying to get people to get subscriptions to the Toronto Star newspaper!! Believe me there is a huge difference in the Aussie/Canadian accents with the word "Star"....I could have sold the "Sun" many more times!!
art & craft teacher..."today kids we are making mess and having fun"

4 films I could watch over and over again...
*Ferris Buhlers Day Off.
*Love Actually
*Ground Hog Day...well i have never seen the whole movie..I always fall asleep and I never ever know where I was up to...I have seen the start many many many times!!!
*The Color Purple

4 places I have lived....
*Canberra Australia
*Bristol England
*Palm Beach USA
*Basel Switzerland

4 TV shows I watch
*Desperate Housewives (not that i am one yet!!!)
*The Glasshouse
*Last Man Standing (sadly it is finished!!)
*Enough Rope

4 places I would like to visit
*Lisbon Portugal
*The Bungle Bungles WA Australia
*Barcelona Spain (again)

4 Foods I like
*Roast Beef and vegies...all swimming in gravy!!!
*Garden tomatoes And Basil with Olive Oil and Balsamic!!
*Thai food
*Coffee sucked through a Tim Tam biscuit!! Gross I know...i still do it in is a food in my book!!

4 sites I visit daily

4 people I tag...

Anyone who wants to and hasn't done this there anyone who hasn't???


Alice said...

My link doesn't work (boo, hoo) - but the others do!

Anonymous said...

I only step up to the "place I would like to visit" tag...MICHELLE'S HOUSE IN AUSTRALIA! (waiting for official invitation) btw: please fix your poor mama's link...are ya trying to tell her something?! ha ha
kiss, melissa

kath red said...

i have not done this yet - so maybe i will soon

interesting read