Saturday, February 18, 2006

They are finished!!!!!!!!!

The two quilts for my girls are FINISHED!!!! And totally finished!!! I cannot take full credit for them being totally finished.....I will confess that I paid for them to be machine quilted by someone with one of those big professional quilting machines. This meant that Zoe could have hers quilted in Dragon Flies and Shay has her quilted with Butterflies. Although I "thought" I might like to have had a go at quilting myself, I knew I would be really peeved once I had finished one quilt to then have to do another one!!! They were returned to me with only the the binding to be done!!! I even managed to escape this task by asking my wonderful mum to cut the binding out for me. I did say I would sew it on, at least do the hand quilting!!! But the gem that she is......totally finished them for me!!! They are fantastic and I am soooooooooooo pleased with them. The photos do not do them justice at all. The girls love them! I had thought of saving them for their birthdays, however Shay has hers tomorrow and Zoe wont have hers until June so I thought it only fair to give them the quilts now.

Yes my little girl is 5 tomorrow and in the heat I am cooking lots of patty cakes that need to be iced in "blue" tomorrow for her little "bike riding" party at the lake!

Five years ago we were freezing our bums off in Switzerland!!!! In this heat I wish we were there again!!



jellyhead said...

Shelly, those quilts are so pretty. If the photos don't do them justice, they must be truly stunning. Your girls are very lucky.

Happy birthday to your big little girl, Shay!

chest of drawers said...

The quilts are truly amazing! I have just started making my first one out of log-cabin squares, one a day and I should be finished by April.

Flossy said...

Happy Birthday Shay!

The quilting is beautiful - maybe I should send my quilts out to get done :)

I bet you are so happy with how they have turned out. I love them, they're great!

Kali said...

These look so pretty ~ what a great job everyone has done.

Kerri said...

The Quilts certainly turned out beautifully. A great combined job! Your mum really is a gem. I don't think I could stand doing all those little stitches.
Happy birthday to your lovely Shay.

kath red said...

can i ask where did you have the quilting done and how much did it cost?

Samantha said...

Wow! I didn't even know that you could get that done. Those are truly beautiful.