Thursday, August 10, 2006


These were the work of a little boy. One who has only just turned 3!! That would be my little boy actually. I should photoograph some of his free hand drawings too.


Alice said...

Our little boy is clever, as well as gorgeous.

jellyhead said...

Wow - that's very precise colouring-in for such a young 'un! (My son is almost 4, and he wouldn't be able to colour in that well in a pink fit!)

I'd love to see some of his drawings, too!

Shell said...

Awww, you might have a little van gogh on your hands....hehe! I love it when parents appreciate their children's artistic side - so often we focus on sports or academics and the little artist gets pushed aside. Do post some drawings! That slice below looks fabulous too - I'm coming back later to write down the recipe!

slap me happy said...

Well done Luka
Jonah loves to colour too but mostly just the walls lol have to hide his crayons all the time

Miss Dot said...

that is some serious colouring, I don't think I can stay between the lines like that? amazing for three. Now let's see the pics of your craft room chaos.. come on, I showed you mine :-)
thanks for leaving me a comment!

My float said...

Wow, how precise is that colouring in! My little one has only just started to show a bit of interest in colouring in. Although it's more like colouring all over!