Friday, September 29, 2006

Garden Dreams

I have had visions of creating the perfect backyard for my children - I have started many things and have loads of great ideas. I want it finished before they leave home!! My thinking really was that they would go and play outside for hours and hours and never need "MUM!"......but that is just not going to happen! I also realise that lazing in my garden in a sunny spot with a great book for hours is not going to happen either!! Guilt would make me feel I should weed or tidy up or hang out more washing or something. Today I realised that a perfect garden oasis with contented children playing and laughing and a relaxed mother watching adoringly is really the dream!! Relaxation I discovered is taking my son and another little boy I look after on Fridays to the park about 500m away. Here I was able to lie in the sun and look up at the sky trough the trees and just relax. The boys played happily on the playground and were then content to find sticks and dig around trees. No phones, no washing to put out, no computer, no weeds to look at, no adults to talk to and no more grand garden plans!!!!

Many people blame their parents for needing therapy. How many parents blame their kids for needing therapy!! I might be the first as there are some things I just don't get. Finally, I have had the girls making their own beds for the past week. This morning I had a bit of time so I went into their room and made their beds for them. Daughter No.2 searched me out and was really p......d off that I had made her bed. She had me mess it up so she could make it again! And I didn't even mess it up well - she had to mess it some more before she could remake it!! Lesson learned - always ask if you are allowed to make your childrens beds!!!!


Alice said...

Ah, that's where I went wrong! I should have ASKED if I could make your bed ...... yeah, right!!!!!

Any chance we can rewind the clock 30 odd years???

jellyhead said...

This is too funny! It's cute when they're at that happy-to-help age.

Laura is at this stage, too, but Ben wails and throws himself on the floor if I ask him to pick up a single toy. Eventually he will do it, but gawd! it's hardly worth the effort!!

h&b said...

Ahhhh ..
the age of "Don't touch my Stuff".

Good point: You're off the hook.
Bad point: they could be hiding things : drugs, boys, ooh-la-la !

You didn't need me to say that, did you ? ;)

Zoe said...

OKay, that is so cute, with your daughter's bed. I got in trouble the other day for even going into Asher's room!!

I love the garden wall . . . at least it was a great and cute idea! :)

slap me happy said...

my two girls are the same at the moment too, now I just tidy after the baby and his dad lol

My float said...

That's great. I wish my mum had asked me!! I'm trying to get mine to put his things away but it's so slooooow and really, I just can't bear it!