Thursday, September 21, 2006


Some observations I have made at my house these past couple of days....

**Kids know there is a difference between Tofu and Chicken!!

**Smart kids know that when they are allowed to leave one kind of vegetable - tofu is included!

**Something is not quite right when Sunday night TV has the girls watching an ABC documentary on Medievil occupations and Mum keeps sneaking off to watch Australian Idol!!!

**What is the point of a lunch order if you have to have something healthy!

**My 5 year old insisted on wearing her older sisters school uniform because hers was too short!! It was just above her knees!! I don't think this will be the case in 10 years!!!

**My 3 year old son went to Day Care with his hair in a ponytail!! He wanted it and I let him.

**The term "going at it like Rabbits" does not mean they need to be male and female!! Our two boys are currently having a great time!!! That is, our two Rabbits!!

**Short school trousers in our house are now known as "Trendy three quarter length".

**Sewing four fabric Totes feels more of an accomplishment than an essay on Adverbs!

**Sleep walking is a regular nightly activity here at the moment.

**By mentioning to my 5 year old that if she didn't clean her teeth they would fall out has made my 3 year old obsessive about teeth cleaning - "Quick Mum come and clean my teeth before they fall out!".

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jellyhead said...

Now this is why I love your blog - it is always so entertaining! And from this list, it seems you have discovered many useful things. The case of the amorous rabbits is a prime example ;)

Glad to hear someone else is a secret Australian Idol fan - I can't get enough of it! I even vote (much to Fatty's laughing disdain!)