Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Spring is back!!

The cold snap could be over...I hope. Not at all fun to be watching OR playing hockey in!! Now we can enjoy sunshine, fresh cut grass and blossom!! This view is outside my kitchen window....glorious. Our peach tree that manages to survive and produce delicious fruit, that we share with the birds each year!! The birds do not take into account that we are larger and therefore should be allowed a greater share. No, their idea of sharing is to peck holes in as many peaches as they can, therefore claiming those!!! However as I don't make jam, we have enough for cakes and desserts so that is OK.

Anyone remember the days where it was rare to have one computer in the house? or even small children who knew how to use it?....what has my household become?????? Or maybe I could get them to do some after school work...like paid work....none of you would tell would you??????


Shell said...

Beautiful blossoms! What a pretty view to look upon. Spring is happening here too - I'm waiting impatiently for my liquid amber to get it's leaves - it's huge, and gives the best shade in summer.

Ha! Look at those kiddies will ya! I know, I know - when I left highschool I had no idea about how to use a computer and had never even heard of the internet - now 13 years later the world is an entirely different place and computers totally dominate our lives!

Tanya said...

Right down to having each right hand on the mouse! When are they going to start their own blogs??

My float said...

the cherry blossoms (not sure if that's what they're really called) look beautiful this year.

the photo of your girls made me laugh! i remember having a couple of computers per school!

chest of drawers said...

What a lovely view from your kitchen window!
And, now I know how to stop those 3 kids of mine fighting over the computer, I´ll just have to get them each one of their own too!

Kerri said...

I'm glad you manage to get at least some of the peaches! You should hear the tactics we have to resort to sometimes to compete with the racoons for our sweet corn. We had virtually no corn crop this year because of the weather. First time ever!
Love that pic of the kids. Amazing what kids know these days! It's a whole new world. Those 3 little "girls" are really cute :) LOL