Monday, February 19, 2007


My little girl is six today!! She is growing up so fast. I said to Marcel the other day "It is a wonder she made it to six given her often temperamental nature!" However we are so glad we have her and to celebrate her sixth birthday I give you six things that make Shay special!

**She has the most infectious laugh - almost a dirty laugh when she finds something so funny!
**She can laugh out loud and on her own.
**Already she is a determined cook, sewer and knitter!
**She has an intense interest in nature and the environment.
**At dinner she will ask questions like "Why don't we fall off the earth?" and "Who were the first people on earth?"
**She has her own sense of style and creates wonderful colour combinations and they need not match!!
The pictures show her about to eat her requested birthday dinner. Cooked by Papi! And then birthday cakes were the Jelly Cakes that didn't make the grade to be sent to school!! Chock full of cream they were perfect for us! Pool party is on Wednesday...oh joy!!


Kali said...

Happy 6th Birthday Shay!!

I had a VERY temperamental nature too when I was a child, LOL.
Shay sounds like a wonderful little girl. (:

They grow up so fast Shell.

Em said...

Happy birthday sweet Shay!

meggie said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful Shay!

Hmmm, same day as my birthday- my mother always told me I was very temperamental also!

Thank you for visiting my blog, &leaving me kind birthday wishes!

meggie said...

And, most importantly, Happy Birthday to you!

Your children are so beautiful, & so are you!

Hope you enjoy your special day!

jellyhead said...

Glad to hear the birthday went well!

Shay looks like such a cutie in her plaits. She sounds like she's also a funny and fascinating little girl! You are very lucky Shelly.

By the way - whether or not your wrinkles compare to mine (he he!), I am *sure* we could be friends! Please leave me a comment if ever you are coming up my way (you know, to the sunniest state!) and I will give you my e-mail address, and maybe we could meet up. I would love to meet you :)

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday to Shay. Those jelly cakes look delish.

Surfing Free said...

Happy birthday to her! My daughter turns five tomorrow :)
Those jelly cakes look wonderful ... I might have to think about them for Miss E...

Kerri said...

Happy 6th birthday to Shay! I see Grandma Alice there in the corner of the pic! :)
Shay's a little beauty and full of personality by the sound of it. Well, of course! She probably takes after her Grandma.
Those jelly cakes look like lamingtons. They look really yummy!

h&b said...

Oh God - Jelly Cakes !!
My fave !!

Happy birthday to a very loved girl :)