Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentines Day

My fingers are full of thorns again!! Yes, it is that time of year where I agree to work for a couple of days for my old boss in the Florist shop!! My poor hands are sore and filthy - yes it isn't all roses!! Though I do like catching up with everyone, having cups of coffee made for me and an excuse to eat tonnes of chocolate biscuits - all while working at a frantic pace churning out orders!!

I am not worried that hubby is in Malaysia on Valentines Day. I actually have myself a really hot date that I am so excited about!! Three words - Gorgeous, Scottish and Funny!!! I couldn't ask for more!

Mind you Marcel could be on a flight home after my phone call last night!
"Hi honey - You HAVE to come home from Malaysia right NOW!! I have just seen a mouse run behind the TV!!!"


jellyhead said...

Ok, I am going to ask...what is this 'hot date'????!

Zoe said...

Happy Valentine's day!!!! (Soon) THat is so cool that you can arrainge flowers. You are going to have to post some pictures for us!

Stomper Girl said...

Are you going to see Danny Bhoy? He is HOT!!

If you are actually going on a date with him I am just going to curl up and die from jealousy.

Happy Valentine's, hope the fingers recover.

Alice said...

That mouse didn't make an appearance when I was there last night - perhaps it was more scared of me than you, with good reason.

Nicole said...

oooh mouse! eeeek

Your masks look awesome... I love decorating things in a mardigra style. Have a lovely day. Nicole xox

shellyC said...

Yes - Stomper I did go to see Danny Bhoy - he was so funny and so gorgeous!!

Kerri said...

What a coincidence...I saw a mouse zoom across the kitchen counter just yesterday and pop into the burner of the stove. Where it went from there is a mystery to me. Time to get out the traps! The field mice come into the house occasionally when it gets cold outside.
Apparently Jasmine isn't much of a mouser :)
I hope your hot comedian didn't fall off the stage :) He really is cute!