Thursday, April 05, 2007


Just a few of those infuriating WHY questions that no-one can really answer!! Stuff that happened today!

Why was I the only person who could help a very frightened and pregnant Sudanese women get on the escalator? I had loads of shopping and managed to help her and hold her two very long curtain rods down the escalator. As I approached I saw people walk straight past her!

Why did I notice so many cars today that have had bingles? Are there that many bad drivers around?

Why do the department stores only discount the crappy chocolate before Easter? Surely they would sell far more Lindt chocolate if it was 25% off!!

Why would a 3rd grade boy refer to his private parts as his "meat and two teabags"? That was a kid in the PE class I was teaching today..of course i had to turn away and laugh!

Why would the old man I passed the other day want to be driving down the highway on the wrong side???


jellyhead said...

Meat and two teabags???! Haven't heard that one before!

Must have been Bad Driving Day yesterday - I had to give way for a fifty-something woman driving the opposite way down a one way street. (And yes, I'm sure I was driving in the right direction!)

Thank goodness you helped that Sudanese lady - at least someone showed her some true kindness.

Have a very good Easter, Shelly!

Zoe said...

LOL!!!! That is sooo funny.

You are a wonderful person for helping out! Some people are just dense!

What are "bingles"?

shellyC said...

Zoe - Bingles are little car accidents that dent or scratch the cars.

Tracey Petersen said...

I have heard just about every name for private parts during my many years of playground duty, not that one.... I would not have been able to keep a straight face!

Em said...

Meat and two tea bags! Hilarious!

Stomper Girl said...

Why would meat need an accompanying two teabags? Is this some weird sort of marinade?