Monday, August 06, 2007

Eat your Greens!!!

Greens don't need to be boring!! I have a thing about green foods, especially vegetables - I love them all -except Brussel sprouts and of course Beans are my favourite. But how nice do these Lady Fingers look (Okra) and once cooked with some tomato and garlic they were delicious. And Wasabi Peas - the heat will hit you right between the eyes but gee they are fabulous!!! Kids are not so keen on them!

Oh and this is another of my favourite things I love to cook and eat. This is before it was cooked but I am sure you can see what the ingredients were - Sweet Potato, butter, brown sugar and lime zest!! Go on bake it!!
And these tasty things......oh I love them! Does anyone cook anything with these? Ideas welcome.


Alice said...

Are you waiting for all the overseas folk to ask what was in the last photo?

I don't know of a recipe for them, but of course, I don't many recipes for anything, as you are well aware.

That sweet potato, sugar and lime zest sounded interesting. I promise to try it if you cook it for me.

Leah said...

I saw a cool Asian dipping sauve of sweet chilli sauce and passionfruit. My faves are pavlova, sponge cake (with passion icing and fresh cream), or passionfruit butter's nice too. Your sweet potato looks pretty good :)

jellyhead said...

Where on earth do you get wasabi peas? I've never heard of them!

The sweet potato dish does look good, even uncooked. I might just have to try it sometime. But only if you cook it for me first, after you've cooked it for Alice... tee hee.

I love passionfruit in the icing for melting moments....can't beat it.

nutmeg said...

Gosh, what a great (yummy!) post. I've not ever used sweet potato like that before. And I love okra too. And passionfruits - I don't really cook with them; I just tend to cut them in half and scoop away - many, many, in a row!

Lazy cow said...

I make mini passionfruit cakes from an old Jill Dupleix cookbook called New Food, do you want the recipe?
Or, the kids and I just scoop the seeds straight from the half shell and eat. Or have it over my bircher muesli.
Or, the good old favourite: with cream over a pav. Mmmmmm.

h&b said...

I love my veges, and I love my greens, but I do not like OKRA, Sam-I-Am ! Nor will I eat CHOKO.


I find sweet potato too sweet - I like my veges to be savoury - this recipe reminds me of the American dish of baked yams and marshmallows .. ummm .. not-so-keen.

Like the others, I love my passionfruit unadulterated - YUM ! :)

My float said...

Why, the wonderful pav, of course! My friend and I also made passionfruit butter once, but it was a waste of beautiful passionfruit - we never used it on anything!

I'll be making a passionfruit and strawberry icecream this year for Christmas, I think!

And isn't okra delish? My mother makes them in a stew with beef. Yummm..!

My float said...

I'm having okra tonight!! Just thought you'd like to know :P

Kerri said...

Mmmm, the sweet potato thingy looks really good. And to think as a kid I didn't like them. Spinach too. Love them both now.
An old boy friend's mother used to make what she called Elliot's (their last name) Ambrosia with passionfruit and I loved it! Cut up some bananas, squeeze some lemon juice over them. Add passionfruit pulp and some mini or cut up marshmallows. Fold in whipped cream and add some coconut. Fabulous! When I was a kid I used to love those little patty pan cakes with passionfruit icing. Yum! They're just a yellow cake. You could use a mix if you were in a hurry. Add a box of dry pudding mix to make them really moist. Do you have dry pudding mix over there??
I love all veggies too. And the best part? They're not fattening and so good for you! Can't beat 'em.