Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Regular day in the 'Burbs!!!

My Wednesdays are my day to catch up on stuff from the weekend and Mondays and Tuesdays because I am at Uni ALL day - I look after another little boy on Wednesdays and he and Luca play, chat, eat and play some more. I usually take them on their bikes for a ride around the lake in the hope of tiring them out!! Anyway Wednesdays are usually pretty quiet and boring! Well today things hotted up at 9.30 when 4 police cars, a locksmith and some more government cars pulled up outside my house - yes the poor family (with the crazy woman) have had their house repossessed. No - I didn't set myself up on a deck chair on my front lawn with a cup of coffee eager to watch the show. But I did get glimpses from my various windows every now and then. I know the family knew this was going to happen because I knew thanks to the official papers that had been ripped up and strewn all over my garden last week. As I was collecting them I noticed various official stamps etc - so decided to play CSI and jigsaw the bits together - inside so no one could see!! We really feel so sorry for this family - they have built that house from nothing having had another house repossessed prior.

Other stuff on my not so boring Wednesday - this afternoon I answered the phone in my cheerful "Hello Shelly speaking" -
Man on the other end: - "Could you tell me who is working now?"
Cheerful Shelly: "I am sorry?"
Man: "I just wondered if you could tell me who is working at the moment?"
Cheerful Shelly (had she been quick enough) should have said: "I am working at the moment, I have just put another load of washing on, am about to hang some more out except for the little stuff that I will put in the dryer. In fact I have been working all bloody day - since about 7.00am if you are really that interested! Getting kids up, dressed, breakfast, lunches etc And although I have already cooked the evening meal I will still be clearing tables and getting kids ready for bed, putting them in cleaning up some more oh and there is the homework stuff too and of course I have an essay due soon so I will be working late on that and it would be nice to have some time to work on my blog and I will probably finish working at about 10.30pm! Is that the kind of information you were wanting??"

But I wasn't quick enough!!

Cheerful Shelly: "This is a private number"
Sheepish Man: "Oh Sorry" very quick to hang up!!

I have mentioned before I am sure, that my phone number is one number different to a brothel in the next suburb!!! Oh yes it is. Go ask Alice (my Mum) - she was here one day looking after the kids and took quite a few phone calls from men who were ringing about the "special" advertised in the paper that day. Mum thought i had taken up a new profession!

So to the Man who I spoke to -

Cheerful Shelly: "I am too bloody knackered for that type of work! - tonight anyway!! Even though my husband is away!!!


Stomper Girl said...

How hilarious! We are one number different from a glass repair shop which is not nearly as funny.

Good luck with ALL THAT WORK!

jellyhead said...

Instead of a day of domesticity, you had a day of drama!

I wish you HAD told that man all that you'd been doing for the day - it would have really shut him up!

h&b said...

oh dear ;)

Surely you could have fitted him in between fluffing and folding ?

Sounds quite erotic if you put the right spin on it .....

tracey petersen said...

Does it pay well? Perhaps you could then hire someone to wash, dry, clean etc...maybe even do your essay!

Tanya said...

Evicted? So no vegetable scraps thrown over the fence anymore?

With all the work you're doing, next time the "customers" call, tell them the price has gone up.

Surfing Free said...

You should have asked how much he was offering ;)
I used to live next door to a brothel in Melbourne (South Yarra) and when the house was up for sale we went in to inspect it, just out of curiousity, and it was classic brothel interior design - red velvet wallpaper, hot tubs in every room, mirrored ceilings, sticky notes on the walls with phone numbers, tacky carpet, the lot!! A big-wig at Telstra ended up buying it and I SWEAR he kept his mother locked in the basement!

bec said...

I'd be tempted to lead the callers along a bit, I think:

"Who's working today"

"Oh that would be Bruce, darl, he's a little hairy but MUCH more fun than the regular girls, shall I book you in?"

My float said...

Of course, you could have acted the undercover police officer and asked for his name and number and told him you were going to tell his wife.

Oh wait, it's illegal to impersonate a police officer...

Alice said...

My word, Shelle, you've got lots of ideas now for when you get the next call. Perhaps you could type them out and have them by the phone ready - especially if they ring when I'm there

Heather said...

Knackered -- I love that word!

I would be thrilled by the endless hours of free entertainment if men called my house thinking it was a brothel.

I'd mess with their minds until they were so confused they wouldn't know whether to wind their butt or scratch their watch. ;-)

nutmeg said...

Too funny! I'm pretty slow with the ripostes too - but I think I would note some of these other witty replies down and stick them to my fridge!

And I loved your comment over at My Float's about what made you glad today - 3 lunches without any bread - you are truly a superwoman and my hero! Any tips?

My float said...

Re: nutmeg's comment about sandwich replacement...I ran out of bread quite early on in LC's pre-school days and found a solution - pasta!! He loves it and now demands sandwiches AND pasta. This also works with couscous.

shellyC said...

Thanks everyone for your comments about what I should tell the callers next time!! It would be fun to really wind them up - mind you they would then know my number and might try to wind me up too!

We are also one number different from a Medical Centre - those calls are usually at around 8.00am and people wanting to make appointments - My husband says next time he will make someone an appointment.

There have been a couple who have asked for results - Now I am sure many of you would have suggestions for that scenario!!!!

Snow White said...

2 dolla hokey cokey, hmmm . I just get the inian telemarketers, and yell have to go I have milk pouring from my breasts in an Indian accent. MAkes me laugh anyhoo

Snow White said...

forgot to tell you I just had to evict some of our tenants and it was just like beinmg on Jerry Springer. Tried my best to turn F you into some kind of compliment lol.

Kerri said...

The comments were equally as entertaining as your post :) Oh Shelly, thanks for the great laugh on this sunny Saturday morning. Perhaps you could tell the next caller $40 an hour, plus cookies (although that's a bit too cheap). LOL