Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Back again again...

Lots of things have been happening here at the house of ShellyC.

**The company hubby worked for closed its Sydney office. 1 months notice thank you!!
**His last day was his birthday!
**Lots of phone calls and interviews and me proof reading selection criteria!!
**Accepting a job on Thursday and having 3 more offers on Friday!!
**Sunday- he left for Singapore.
**It is a Brisbane based job, we live in Canberra and as of next week, most of his work will be in Adelaide!! Has Australia shrunk???
**I finished my wonderful and successful prac.
**I don't think I have the energy to be a teacher!!
**Am studying for an exam on Monday.
**I will then show you a list of what I am going to do in my holidays!!
**And maybe a book list too.........

1 comment:

My float said...

Argh, how insane that the place closed with only one month's notice!

Congratulations on completing your prac. When do you start?