Thursday, November 22, 2007


Psychic!! Me - oh yes!!! I tell you there have been a few things happening that make me sure I am psychic!!! Soon I will be able to tell people their future!! Well how else can you explain why on earth the other day while I was taking the washing off the line, I should look at my red track pants and make note of the pocket at the back having not really noticed it before - and then decide to look in the pocket while pants are still on the line.....only to find a HUGE Huntsman spider in there!!!! Then yesterday I think to myself "I should just ring the school to find out when the information packs for preschool are to be picked up. The lady I spoke to said "Oh you should have recieved a letter in the post, the pick up day is TODAY!!"..........Strange don't you think?

Mind you a real Psychic person would have moved their finger BEFORE slicing the top off it!!!!!!


h&b said...

Oh fuck.

I feel all creepy and sick now - did you chuck those trackies right into the bin ? I would never have been able to wear them again.

Ugh ugh ugh !

Maddy said...

Foresight and hindsight - always very sobering.
Best wishes

Stomper Girl said...

Aaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did you do when you saw the huntsman? I would have jumped a mile in the air. Thanks heavens you didn't bring it inside.

I had a moth up my trouser leg yesterday which I only discovered after 3 hours of it being there and I nearly screamed the place down when I saw it fly out but i was in a cafe so I had to stifle it. Lots of sympathetic smiles from nearby mothers who saw it fly out.

jellyhead said...

Ew, I despise Huntsmans!

And, with the top of your finger... I presume it was not completely lopped off?!!

I also believe I am a little bit psychic, and my husband calls me a witch (as in, having magic powers - NOT as in a wicked witch!!).

I am predicting you will have a wonderful, spider-free weekend ok!!

tracey petersen said...

Wish you'd been here last week when I thought a mozzie was biting my foot. I looked down and saw the most ENORMOUS spider ON....ON....ON my foot.

You may be psychic, but I am a sprinter. Sign me up for the olympics right now.

Hope the finger gets better quickly!

bec said...

Ha! You must have 'very mild superpowers' (which will only be funny for you if you saw that comedian singing about them on Spicks and Specks...)

shellyC said...

To answer a few questions

I beat the crap out of the pants in order to scare the spider away or pulverise it!! It must have ran away, which is a worry as I will be checking ALL pockets and crutches from now on!!

I am actually OK with spiders though not in my clothes!

Mice - now that is reason to move out!!!

Finger wasn't too bad - it really was just a bit off the top! It still works as it is my middle finger!

jorth said...

Oh my goodness wow! But still... ow!