Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spring Cleaning!

Yes- even my blog has had a bit of a clean! Well just a refresher really. I thought green to highlight the fact that our lawn is a beautiful shade of green at the moment due to the rain. If there is no more rain it will quickly turn various shades of brown. I think I need to enjoy the colour brown more as it appears in so many shades in this climate of ours.

Thought I would have a bit of a whinge today too - spring clean myself too!!

**Is it really necessary when at a Daycare family picnic to play a spelling game with your 4 year old? Kids were running around playing, having their faces painted and listening to music and being little kids. I think it was more a case of "look all you other parents, at what my child can do!"

**I purchased a chicken and mushroom sandwich at one of those food hall places the other day. Yes I would like it toasted I said. Well the poor sandwich was squashed so flat that when i tried to eat it all the chicken fell out. There was enough chicken to feed my whole family!! Really who is going to eat 4 large fillets of chicken in one sandwich? People come on please...just reduce the price of the sandwich and leave out half of the chicken! Then with my coffee I recieved a free pastry - I did NOT want the pastry or need it or eat it, so it was such a waste. No wonder there is an obesity problem!!

**On Thursday I enquired at a "cheap chain" Hairdressers about making an appointment for the next morning to have Luca's hair cut. I wanted to get the dredlocks out before he had it cut. This hairdresser didn't make appointments and said to turn up tomorrow. So after a heavy grooming session that morning and the bribe of a babycino, we arrived at the hairdresser. The lady told me it would be about a 40 minute wait which I said was fine.
Hairdresser"Now has Luca been here before?"
Me "No - does it look like it!" pointing to his hair.
Hairdresser "Has Luca had his hairwashed in the last 24 hours?"
Me "No!" giving her a look that should have explained Sunday was quite a few days ago!!!
Hairdresser "Because we have the policy that if the hair hasn't been washed it is an extra $6.00"
Me "Well I hope for $6.00 you wash it then!"
Hairdresser "Yes"
Me "HOW are you going to wash this little 4 year olds hair in that basin?"
Hairdresser "Oh Yes. We can't wash it, he is too small."
Me "Can't you just wet it and cut it?"
Hairdresser "No, our policy is it needs to be washed. Do you want to take him home and wash it and come back?
Me "No I fucking don't!!!!"
So we walked around the corner to the upmarket hairdresser!
Me "I have two questions! 1. Do you cut childrens hair and 2. Do you require that it has been washed in the last 24 hours?"
Hairdresser "Yes and No - You have just been to the Hairdresser around the corner haven't you"
You know she cut it then and there, no wait and I am sure it was cheaper than the "Only cut very clean hair" chain salon!!!
Will post photos soon. Only when it has been washed within the past 24 hours though!!!!!!!


h&b said...

I really really really do hope you really DID say 'fucking'.

Because that is fucking ludicrous !

( and I hope that conversation wasn't AFTER a 40min wait ?!?!? )

We go to a Barber Shop now - it's a father/son thing and very 'manly'. $10, swivel chairs and a view of trains leaving the station. Worth it.

Stomper Girl said...

Yes, I hope you swore at her too. Yay for the nice hairdresser round the corner. We pay $15 for the 6 year old and they give you a lolly afterwards, no washing even discusseed.

tracey petersen said...

Any season's good for a whinge where I come from!

spelling games are for the parents. A child of four has probably just rote learnt spelling- a parrot can be trained to do that too.

Chicken - ridiculous

hairdresser - unspeakably stupid

jellyhead said...

Yes, those things all get my goat, too.

I especially hate that 'pointed public parenting'. You know, where the mothers (or fathers) speak in sing-song loud voices, calling their child 'sweetie' or 'darling' at all times, and exclaiming loudly at every brilliant thing the child says, repeating the words in wonder. I mean GEEZ!! All I can figure is that they're beset with personal insecurities, and feel the need to show off their child to make up for it.

By the way, I am VERY excited to hear you are moving up this way!!! We will have to meet up and then we can have a moan/laugh/champagne together!

Flossy said...

You are moving?
Where to? Qld? I hope so!

And that hairdresser is a dips***
Some people are unbelievable.

Alice said...

Although I no longer go to that chain of hairdressers either, I think their policy on washed hair is perfectly reasonable.

Would you like to have to handle unclean hair, that's been who knows where? I'm not saying Luca's hair wasn't clean, I'm sure it was, but that doesn't mean that everyone's is.