Monday, December 03, 2007

Lessons in Life

Firstly I should clarify that I have only finished Uni for the year. Come February I will once again be a grumpy, stressed out mother and student!!!

I firmly believe that we should continually be learning throughout our lives and there are many lessons to be learned through the simple events of everyday life!! So I thought I would share some that I have recently learned!!
**If you put something in the oven that requires 30 minutes to cook and you go on your regular walk that takes you 40 minutes - there is going to have to be some jogging happening!!!
**If you stir the cookie dough with a wooden spoon rather than an electric mixer - you will use more energy! Therefore you are entitled to eat far more of the mixture than otherwise allowed!!!
**If you double the amount of choc chips in cookies, you will never have anyone complaining about being "ripped off" with the choc chips!! I have been known to hide chunks of Lindt chocolate in the cookies!!
**If you hate hanging the washing out - rejoice that it is now Summer weather and you can hang 6 pairs of undies by 1 peg!!!
**If you wait until you have had your morning coffee and then a visit to the bathroom - you will be a little bit lighter on the scales than when you first wake up and get on the scales!!!!
What lessons have you recently learned???


jellyhead said...

tee hee .... I love these lessons learnt.

*I* have learnt that I want you to move to the same city as me sooner, so that we can eat choc chip cookies while you teach me a life lesson or two in person. I will even bake the biscuits myself (125 grams of choc chips per batch... will that be enough chocolate per biscuit for you madam?!)

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tracey petersen said...

If you ask the kids to put up the Christmas decorations, then go shopping for an hour, when you get home there will be an unholy mess of tinsel, sticky tape, blu-tac and crap on every surface of your house. (you nay have to get a little cranky in order to restore it back to its previous state)

Stomper Girl said...

I love the peg lesson.

I have learned that if the label falls off your child's lunch box you should replace it otherwise the lunch box will go missing for a week and when it finally comes back the sandwiches left inside it will be so mouldy that they can almost walk.