Tuesday, February 05, 2008


If it stayed stayed still long enough, it got covered!!!

There is some fabulous artworks under these - but they were looking a bit old!!

This fabric was too nice to be stashed away!

Some face washers that needed jazzing up!!

First day of school for my girls this year!!!

Question?? What would you do?? Two bottles of curry sauce in the cupboard - One that has an expiration date March '07 and one that has no expiry date and you have no idea how long you have had it!!


Anonymous said...

chuck it!

I'm obsessed with how old food is. I wouldn't eat it or even open it!

Your girls look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Use them. How else do you build up an iron stomach? Use by dates are always set about a year before the food will actually kill you.

Anonymous said...

Shelley, my hubby always said "the food doesn't know what date it is!" You will probably know if it off - check it out.

Fabulous photo of the girls - reminds me of 20-something years ago when a couple of other girls were at school!!!!
Love Rita