Monday, February 11, 2008


He might look like a girl all dressed up but he moves like a boy it is hilarious - we call him Lucy!

Shay decided to raid my wardrobe and came up with this combo. The wig is not mine!! Actually we bought it for Marcel to go dressed as ZZTop to a fancy dress party - he used the wig as the beard!

Painting the wood for our new deck!! I KNOW it looks blue - it is meant to be more grey - bloody paint samples! I have had issues and a lack of sleep due to my choice of colour! Marcel is no help as he is in Switzerland! Anyway Mum and Dad (bless them!) came and helped us paint and both assured me they like the colour and it will look really good. Could it be they had the same faces as they used for years to tell me Santa was real?????!!!

YES - My husband is back in Switzerland for a few days after 5 days in Sweden for work. He surprised his parents who had no idea he was going over at all - we didn't tell them he was going to Sweden either! Naturally they were so surprised. Isn't it nice they at 40 something you can still play tricks on your parents!!!

Update - the jars of Curry sauce! I threw the expired one out and we thoroughly enjoyed the other one that may have expired in the year 1998!! We will never know.


My float said...

Well, in the photo the colour looks lovely.

How cute do those kids look in their dress-ups?!

Alice said...

Oh Shelle, fancy painting the woodwork for your deck THAT colour! How could you???

Love it .... and Santa IS real!

PS: You don't have a spare left wrist, do you? Your father could do with one!

Stomper Girl said...

Love the dress-ups, especially your boy! Surely with all that chilli and spice, curry sauce would NEVER go off?

Anonymous said...

Have to tell you that I saw your lovely husband today at Basel Fasnacht! Of course, I gave him lots of sloppy kisses...hope you don't mind!!! He IS still gorgeous - couldn't help myself!
Weather was perfect - sunny and cold. We did the Morgastreich thing ourselves, but guess Marcel is not so hardy anymore as he didn't join us. It was Claire's first Morgastreich! But of course all I could do was get pissed off what with people coming up at the last minute to stand in front of Laura so that she couldn't see, never mind that we had found a good place and waited patiently for half an hour (WITH KIDS!) for it to start! Ugh. My next Fasnacht costume will be an Alte-Tante with Raymond's father's old Basel police hat planted firmly on my big ole wig, bat or broom in hand and a print-out, violation tickets to hand out, in TEN languages as to the etiquette of Fasnacht!!! Ok, got that off my chest. Kisses, Melissa

nutmeg said...

Hi Shelly - Happy New Year! Late I know - but I am getting into my new routine - VERY slowly.

I don't know how your husband does so much travelling (or how you cope having him away) - I swear that one trip to London and back did my body clock in for a month!

h&b said...

I love the blue ! I think it will look terrific !

Our last reno, I painted the whole house blue .. and it looked .. awesome ( I still go back and do drive-bys :p )

Anonymous said...

Monika Spaar
Dein blog ist einfach toll, so farbig, bunt und fröhlich wie die ganze Family!!! Wie ich sehe und höre seid ihr alle ok und Marcel ist in der Schweiz. Kommt er auch nach Meltingen zu den Spaars? Wann kommt ihr alle mal wieder??? Ich wünsche Euch eine tolle Zeit. Liebe, liebe Grüsse Monika