Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Middle of Nowhere

If you jump our back fence and walk a bit (not for very long at all) you end up in the middle of nowhere!! I love being there as no-one else seems to want to be in the middle of nowhere!

We all had a lovely time, although Luca proclaimed quite loudly-
"It is just not fun being in the middle of nowhere!!!"


jellyhead said...

These photos are lovely Shelly - they convey a real desolate beauty to the land around you.

You obviously haven't had much rain so far this summer I guess? -the paddocks look quite dry. We haven't had much in the past few weeks and are starting to dry out again, too.

Good to see poor wee Shay is undaunted by the broken arm!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of a Billy Connely sketch. Adults will go thousands of kilometres to see a natural wonder, but kids will just say "hmmph, more scenery!"

I love your photos!

Stomper Girl said...

Where I grew up in Canberra it was the same. You could see kangaroos hopping by in the mornings.

It's a golf course now.

h&b said...

*beautiful* photographs !!