Tuesday, April 29, 2008

wool wool everywhere

I had a conversation with my sister the other night.....all about me wanting to make a quilt for my bed that would go with the orange wall we painted ages ago!! The quilt on our bed currently was made by my above and very very clever sister - however it has a more summery feel!! It is heading to winter where we are and I was wanting something in deeper colours. I knew the colours I wanted and then I was wanting to include texture somehow???? On Saturday I was blog surfing and saw this post by Kirsty.......WOW talk about inspiration!!!I have seen freeform knitting once before and liked it and even attempted a scarf of sorts. Well this is going to turn into a quilt..type thing. Something that will cover my bed..only time I wish I didn't have a king size bed though! Anyway I think I have really found something that suits my crafting style - No plan and no rules!!! I just add bits when and where I feel like and it has that all important textural factor that I love!!
...I will post pictures as it grows.

PS. I had so much wool anyway......and there is only so many scarves one girl can wear.


Stomper Girl said...

That is gong to be fabulous when it grows up.

Alice said...

The colours are fabulous. Just think of all the paint changes you will be able to have...lol

jellyhead said...

This is seriously groovy. The colours are divine, and adding all that texture makes it even more interesting.

Just a suggestion.... we only have a queen size bed, so... you know.... you wouldn't have to make it quite so large then, would you? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Are you NUTS woman?? A bedcover? and here was me aiming for a scarf!!
It really is superb and you have definitely nailed the technique!