Sunday, July 20, 2008

Holiday Craft

My sister has a wonderful fabric stash and a thankfully she keeps all her scraps. I tell you going through someone else's scraps is so much better than looking at my own hoard. The girls got into it to and made some patchwork quilts - sans sewing - except for the quilting (I did that). You really have to love iron on interfacing!

I had fun making some pouches.

Tanya and I have also had fun making up some of our own designs - sounds exciting doesn't it. Well actually she is responsible for the drawing and patterns and I cut and sew them - then together we rework it. This fish is the 3rd one we did.

Oh and then I got into the knitting to knit her some dishcloths - I hate Chux!


peppermintpatcher said...

Hmmmmmm, collaborative designing. Almost sounds like a business opportunity to me!

Alice said...

My thoughts exactly, Tracey - a potential business there, I'm sure. Just loved that fish.

h&b said...

That fish is fantastic !

And only your 3rd try ?
I'm impressed !