Sunday, July 06, 2008

The past few days!

The past few days....

Mossman Gorge.....lovely

Night Swimming at the Lagoon in Cairns.....I was on the edge wearing a fleece jacket!!!

Thorntons Beach Daintree National Park.....reflection too!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCA!!!....Birthday Cake for lunch!! Well when it is that big and the heat will ruin it - we may as well eat the whole thing!!

Kids and a huge Kauri Pine....Lake Barrine.

Snorkelling at Lake Eacham....boys and their underwater toys!!

Swiss Family least we would be able to live on coconuts!!

Swimming in the beach that potentially could have had Crocodiles!! I didn't believe my husband at the time however back with Tanya (an authority on most things Queensland) - there really could have been crocs there!! When I told the kids "There could have been Crocs in the water" - Luca said "why would there be shoes in the water?" - he was thinking Crocs footwear!!

Oh and a lovely breakfast with a fabulously lovely blogger who was also on holiday.


Anonymous said...

I need to know if you ever actually managed to get anything out of that coconut. Because, frankly, I have my doubts!

You have really had a holiday. I hope you are all feeling relaxed and energised.

Stomper Girl said...

Very sensible, just staying on the sand while you test the level of croc infestation with the hubby and kids!

Gorgeous photos.

In transit said...

I love how the kids still have the sun vests on whilst night swimming - for warmth?!

h&b said...

That 'reflection' photo should be printed out poster-sized and framed - it is *gorgeous* !!