Wednesday, September 24, 2008

As good as the ocean!

A fabulous weekend!!
15 kids
8 Adults
1300 Angora Goats
800 Sheep
29 Bed Shearers Quarters
5000 Toasted Marshmallows!!!


Kali said...

Hi Shelly ~ looks and sounds fabulous :) Great pics.
Can't get over how fast the kiddies are growing up!

In transit said...

WOW! Looks like great fun. where?

Jellyhead said...

Are you sure about the 5000 marshmallows? Because that would work out at around 200 marshmallows per person!! Did you maybe exaggerate a WEE bit?!

Sounds like a brilliant time was had by all :)

Flossy said...

Awesome - looks like a fabulous place for a holiday!

And I think 200 marshmallows per person sounds reasonable! lol

So spill - where were you?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeously divine photos of beautiful children. They are just blossoming so quickly. I had to do a double take with my own the other day. Do you have a recipe for stopping them growing? xox

Anonymous said...

Oh, NOICE. Sounds like a great time!