Sunday, October 26, 2008


I had taken a series of photos the other day about piles of things around my house! So I give you a photo of a pile of yummy pancakes! favoured topping at the moment is Lime and Sugar.
A pile of ironing - DONE! A very rare sighting in this house indeed.

A pile of books and paperwork - one of many at the moment.

A pile of folded clothes that i no longer fit into and I am keeping!! Because one day I WILL!

However the next pile that was found at our house yesterday was rather unwanted but very interesting!!!!!

They arrived yesterday in about a 10-15 minutes timeframe. Marcel was on the back deck and hadn't seen them and 10-15 minutes later Zoe looked out the back and said "What is that?"

Bees - really why would you want to build a hive on a scraggy shade sail right over the kids sandpit!!

I did some research and it said they should move on in a couple of days.

We thought they had gone and then found that the wind had blown half of them into the sanpit!

So I called an expert and he did his thing and finally got most of them into the box.

He said the was wax already on the shadesail and they were going to build a hive there!! I don't think so.

Marcel wanted to help and make sure they were gone!


Stomper Girl said...

I prefer the pancakes pile to the bees! Eek. And the dude moved them without gloves?!?!

Anonymous said...

Check out those bare hands!
Is he crazy?
I was bitten by a hornet the other week and it left my hand swollen and sore for over a week.
There is no way I wouldv'e gone anywhere near those bees.

Love the pancakes, though I have never tried them with lime.

xox Nic

Tanya said...

When I saw the title I, of course, thought of haemmerhoids (however you spell it).

The bees looked cool. But a little scary. I think I'll just stick with my harmless wasps.

In transit said...

Piles of pancakes yum!
As for the bes - wow! Did you see them swarm there? Normally they would have just arrived in one big group.
Lucky guy who scored the bees - they're worth a fortune these days!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, look at those bees. It's interesting how they find their 'spot' and then decide to hive right there. I have never seen thhis before, thankyou!

Flossy said...

wow, those bees were amazing! But I think I'd prefer the pancakes - I'd even take the ironing! lol

As for the clothes you want to fit into again, grab a copy of Women's Health and Fitness, or go to :)

h&b said...

far OUT !

Yay to the bee-man !