Wednesday, November 26, 2008


...teach them young I say!! It is all about making your life easier!!

Had a lovely and very relaxing weekend on the Sunshine Coast.....and it was sunny too. MArcel had some work stuff to do for some of the time. The resort was very very kid friendly - I just didn't have any of mine with me. So I steered clear of the pool as I wasn't genetically related to any of them so didn't need to save any. I found myself a little spot at the far end of the lagoon with neatly raked sand and a sun lounge. it looked more like the edge of a pond on a golf course but it was quiet which was perfect.
Oh and workers and partners went GoCart racing!!! Not sure where the real fun lies with that!...It was hot, sweaty and the vibrations made me itchy! I wasn't the slowest - or anywhere near the fastest. I put that down to too many years driving a mini van and talking,yelling at kids all the time. Also I must be a careful driver anyway because i was for ever looking to see who was coming behind me. I only showed the rude finger once to a reckless driver who overtook husband!


Flossy said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend - and you had sun????
I swear it's been raining here for 2 weeks! lol

So when do you leave for Switzerland then?

Stomper Girl said...

Have you seen the new onion goggles you can buy, so you don't cry? Nearly as good as making your kids do it!

Jellyhead said...

Your weekend sounded very happy. Of course, if you'd beeen able to have a champers with me, it would have been even better :-)

Alice said...

The 'onion cutter' looks like a picture from a book ...... is she yours?