Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tuesday Food

In a mixed up order of the day!!The above is a concoction from Michelle
said to repel the insects that are eating my vegetable seedlings. I am hoping that it will also repel the bloody wild rabbit that is eating my plants too!!

In this house we live on pasta - because we like/love it anyway! This is one of my favourite meals - I wont say recipe because it always changes. I thought I would describe how I made it tonight as some readers out there might like it (Tanya you would) - I wont use measurements as I am not big on those as I know how much of each ingredient my family will enjoy/eat/tolerate as I am sure you know with your own family.
Chicken, Chilli and Lime Pasta
  • Cook up some garlic,chilli, red capsicum and celery (Yes I am one of those mums who add unnecessary vegies to the meal).
  • Add zest of a lime
  • Stir through steamed and shredded chicken.
  • Add chopped corriander
  • Add some water from the pasta pot
  • Stir pasta through - eat warm or cold!

Some late afternoon tea thanks to my Mum and Dad and the Cherry Tree that this year so far has yielded 33 kilos of fruit. Let me add that this Cherry Tree grew from a pip that was spat into the flower garden!!...surey it was mine!!l

This was my morning tea. I was at the supermarket and saw these Lamingtons and on impulse I bought a packet. The origin of the Lamington was to use up stale sponge - now it would seem that the idea is to hide the fact that the sponge tastes bloody awful!! I did enjoy the icing though and left the sponge. I then figured if I didn't eat all of the first lamington I could eat another one so long as I didn't eat all of it!! Someone should sell lamingtons without the sponge!!!


Jellyhead said...

Ooh, a recipe! Thanks!

I know what you mean about lamingtons. They tempt me, too, then they disappoint. And of course you can eat more if you only eat the icing! Even three or four!!

Shell said...

Oh yum! It all looks so good and wholesome. I luuurv pasta too - in fact I'm a bit of a carb addict - oops! Actually I'm having pasta tonight - I lashed out big time and bought some truffle oil to add to the recipe - mmmmm. Yours looks like a really scrummy recipe. I know what you mean about changing it all the time - my pasta's are always changing depending on what's in the house and in the garden.