Monday, May 11, 2009


These three make me smile everyday and today being Mothers Day they made me smile more!!

Lots of handmade cards and gifts from school and here at home .......the jigsaw noises turned out to be lovely hearts that the girls made and painted! Together they made me breakfast in bed which was lovely although lonely as everyone else was downstairs. So I brought my tray down to join them and told them next year to make enough for us ALL to eat in bed together.
I have to admit though that I wasn't much of a Mum to them today as they all went out to do some touristy things and I sat in front of the computer all day doing an assignment that is due this week - my LAST assignment ever!! Shay was rather annoyed with me but I really had to work. I have been really busy with my teaching internship and God knows how I would have managed without 3 other adults looking after the kids fulltime!.....and doing all the cooking and washing etc etc.
......must get some sleep....big week ahead!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hope that last assignment is finished without too much pain. It'll feel great once it has been sent off.