Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home soon.....

In less than two days we are heading back to Australia. I cannot believe how fast three months has gone. To us and everyone else it seemed that 3 months in Switzerland was going to be a holiday however it turned out that it was more about 'living' in Switzerland again. Naturally with the kids going to school for 7 weeks and I doing my 8 week teaching Internship it wasn't really a holiday - but so so so worthwhile. I couldn't have imagined how well the kids would adapt to school here and it all being in a foreign language. I am just so proud of all three of them.

My Internship went really well and I was lucky to have a wonderful mentoring teacher who I learnt so much from. I still want to be a teacher - just with my own class. It was hard work and I had a lot of Uni work to do at the same time. So I am very thankful to my husband and in-laws who looked after the kids and myself!! I will graduate in a few weeks, fill in applications and have an interview....who knows what will happen.

I have caught up with some of my most beautiful friends since being back and it really has defined to me that true friends are the ones that you can pick up where you left off....4 years ago and really 6 years ago when I lived here!! There has been a few people that I haven't been able to see and some I just thought that things have changed so much that I didn't call. Time moves on and I do feel sad and even guilty but have realised that some people we are friends with due to circumstance and time and when that changes the friendship changes too.
We are all looking forward to going home and even Marcel has said "Home is wherever the five of us are." - which is lovely coming from my very Pro Swiss husband!!! picking something very special up tomorrow so will try and post a photo!!


Stomper Girl said...

I'm impressed with all of you uprooting and resettling like that.

Alice said...

I hope you all have a boringly uneventful flight home, and arrive without too much jetlag.

I'm so glad that you found the whole event so worthwhile, even if not quite in the way you had envisaged.

We are also very proud of the children and the way they adapted to school and life in Switzerland - but then, they alway do adapt superbly and make the most of every challenge.

I loved Marcel's comment too. You're a family to be proud of, and we are.

Lots of Love, and safe travelling.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, beautiful. What an experience for all of you.