Thursday, July 16, 2009


So I am sure that this has happened to you at least on one occasion. It is 10:45 am - you are still in your jammies (thank god they match for once) and a bit hot and sweaty because you have been doing some exercises on Wii Fit. The house is a complete tip - you've let the kids get their own breakfast and there are tell tale signs of last nights dinner on the table including two wine glasses and a bottle (all empty of course). Then there is a knock at the door - the friend who you don't know that well and her three kids are here and you were expecting them this time the NEXT day!!!!

I greeted her in my Jammies and welcomed hem all inside. I changed really quickly and sat my friend at the bench, we chatted while I cleaned up and made a chocolate cake!! It was a nice morning.

And it was MY misunderstanding about the days.


Alice said...

So where are the photos to go with this post?

Debbie said...

Any time a host sets about making chocolate cake for me, I completely forget about the jammies she is wearing! It's been fun reading through your blog tonight! Hello from a quick splash or two over the pond....Deb in Iowa