Monday, July 27, 2009

Slow Food

I love cooking and often I class myself as a 'one pot cooker' - although many pots might be used to cook the meal, ultimately it will look like it came out of one pot. I also love creating a meal out of 'nothing' - whatever is left in the fridge and on its way to the compost so to speak. These kind of meals I like to have ready on the table in less than a "Ready Steady Cook" 20 minutes. That said I also love making things that take lots of time and many steps and for some reason I love rolling things like Spring rolls, Sushi and Pastries. The other day a friend came over and we had a Pasta making session. I have always wanted a pasta maker but thought I would use it once and then it would stay in the cupboard thereafter. This way I used hers and now it can go and stay in her cupboard! No, actually I think I might just have to go out and buy one as it was so much fun and so satisfying and quite hard work with all the kneading and rolling. But taste - let's not forget the taste! Sensational and the sauce (my special prawn, pea and dill) stuck to the pasta and wasn't pooling at the bottom of the bowl. Oh I know there is a whole "Slow Food" movement out there - but I think it is me who is the slow one. Slow to catch on to the wonders and taste of making pasta yourself!!

The other day my favourite cooking show was all about Fast Food and the focus was on the expense and the additives in store bought packaged foods. I confess that I do love to bake and there are many things that I wont buy because I know I can bake it cheaper and it will contain no additives. Often people think that it is such an effort to bake but I am convinced it is easier than getting dressed and driving to the shops all before 8am because you have forgotten that your son is having a 100 Days at Kindergarten Party!! The above scrolls consisted of puff pastry, bacon and cheese - that is it!! All made while wearing my jammies, no make up and hair pointing in every direction!!


Alice said...

Your hair may have been pointing in every direction but your photos aren't pointing anywhere....or don't they like me?

Alice said...

Ah, that's better. If everything tasted as delicious as it looks, you must have been in 'dining heaven'. Not too sure where to put the 'washing' from the first photo