Friday, July 10, 2009


You know if you want to make things happen they really can. Have signed with a realestate agent to sell the house. We are still deciding if we want to go with an Auction - I am being selfish and thinking it is only 4 weeks I have to keep the house 'home beautiful' looking!! We need to do a few things around here first - touch up painting and new carpets.

Have shown the kids photos like this and they are sold on the idea! Well you have to make the carrot worth eating! Not that we can afford this place.

Funny how I want to escape winter - yet i am enjoying...

*Cooking Risottos- my favourite thing to cook.

*Knitting my fourth sock - yes that would be nearly 2 pairs!!!

*Flannel PJ's


*Tucked in singlets

*Early mornings where it is still dark and I can feel like I am up late!!

Do you think we could use the above drawing as the image to sell the house?


Anonymous said...

Isn't wonderful that feeling when a decision is made and action is taken? Good luck for the next few weeks...

Alice said...

Lucky I read your blog.....I might want to make an offer!

Suzie said...

Well at least you're aiming high! lol. You must feel so good that you have made the decision. Good luck!!