Tuesday, January 05, 2010

vegie garden

I love it when I have an idea and then the manpower in the form of my Father-in-law who is always happy to help. This then inspires my husband to help and hey presto.......just what I wanted!!!



We (sorry I) decided that the vegie garden in this new house needed to be smaller and more manageable than the one in Canberra. So we are doing the vegie garden in tubs this year....hopefully we will be able to maintain it...and enjoy the vegies and herbs!!


Alice said...

Great effort one and all. You must have been doing that at the same time as I was planting tomatoes at Sara's.

Hopefully your plants will grow so fast that you won't need mulch, or maybe the soil will never dry out anyway.

Much better use of nondescript little corner....... now for the back yard!!!!!

Michelle said...
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