Tuesday, February 02, 2010

All weathers

Well we are currently experiencing all kinds of weather here in Queensland at the moment - both inside and outside the house. We are getting used to the heat and humidity and now the winds and welcome rains. With the start of a new school brought some different weathers for us all to endure. The kids were really brave and of course nervous but did really well on their first day. That evening there were torrential rains (in the form of tears) as the girls and I realised this is no longer a holiday and how much we miss our friends. The following day we had scattered showers and a violent thunderstorm later in the afternoon. It was produced by daughter No.2 as her frustrations of a new school came out. There have been a few cloudy days too and after 4 days of school there has been some glimpses of total sunshine. There have been other moments of sunshine including a visit to this very sunny home where the 5 children got along incredibly well - cubby houses and cane toads - simply wonderful for all. So the forecast looks optimistic and hopefully sunny but we will expect scattered showers every now and then.


Alice said...

The external weather you have no control over; you can only prepare for it if given sufficient warning.

The internal 'weather' will moderate with time. I predict that it will be sunny most days, as in recent years, with just the occasional, totally normal outburst, which will quickly moderate under the calming influence of those closest to it.

Variety is good in most things, and each little storm which is dealt with and overcome, will make everyone stronger.

Alice said...

Need to change font colour in your sidebar, Shelle. It's unreadable against the yellow.

Beatrice said...

Ha, since I found your blogg again, I better leave a comment:-)
If you already see some sunshine during the first week of a new school you are doing really well! Someone once told me that it takes 5 years to feel home in a new town/country. First I thought that can't be, but now after three big moves I believe it. So give yourself a bit more time and I'm sure the kids will have new friends in no time.