Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Turning 40

The things people approaching 40 do!!!!

Back in the 80's I had always wanted to look like the lovely Marie Fredriksson. So as I walked past a hairdresser (4 days before I turn 40) - I asked for this!!

I am now 40 as of Saturday and so far I seem to be ok!!! Actually I am very fine with my age and it feels a little liberating to say "I am Forty!" It seems like for the last two years I have been saying "I am nearly 40" followed by a heavy sigh.

Celebrations involved a weekend house party at our house with 17 people in total sleeping here. Good Food and Good Company...lovely!!!


Alice said...

...and even more stunning than Maria Fredreikson!

Wonderful weekend, Shelle. Despite the walking stick I don't think I felt old enough to have a forty year old daughter, but there you go.

Glad you enjoyed your birthday weekend, and hope it didn't take too long to recover.

Love and hugs always.

Jellyhead said...

You look amazing!

Glad you had fun celebrating :-)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic hair!

Happy birthday. I heard a few stories at our stitching night...

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday Michelle! And you look hot!!