Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday stuff

 Just sugar and golden syrup.
 Add some bicarb!!! Honeycomb!! Mind you our humid weather means it is chewy rather than crunchy!!

 I will now be known as the neighbourhood plant theif by those who didn't know that I did ask!! I raided Lola's garden for some succulents that she has growing in mass amounts. Then I asked Maria if I could raid her skip for some bits of a Dracena she was throwing out!! I must have looked very bold later when I took the yellow bin from the neighbours who are on holidays to use as our recycling bin was full!!!

 In a break in the rain there has been some swimming to cool down happening. The kids have used the pool as a bartering tool already these holidays. I have just heard "No - you can't come in the pool because you were really mean to Lachlan yesterday!" - I have already said to my children that given the amount of kids and diversity of ages on the street where we live - that I am only to be called to 'adjudicate' if there is blood involved or damage to property!! I would go spare with the "He said, she said" dramas that go on.
 Some succulents nicked from No.12!!
oh and our new Christmas Tree! Decorations we already had but the kids and I could not resist this tacky white tree! With the white lights flashing at night it may just induce a seizure!


Kerri said...

What a nice surprise to have you visit and leave a comment. Thank you :)
I love that stuff (honeycomb)! Haven't had it in years.
What better way to plant a garden then to beg, steal and borrow from the neighbours? LOL
I could really enjoy some of your sizzling temps right now. It's freezing and snowy here.
Love seeing the kiddy pics.
Another cousin! Isn't it wonderful? I like his name :)
Hope you all have a wonderful Aussie Christmas.
Eat some seafood for me please. We can't get the good stuff here.

diane b said...

Thats the best way to get plants.(From friends and neighbours) Looks like a wet Christmas, sad for the kids not being able to get in the pool, or do they anyway, rain or not?

Martha said...

Wow! That tree is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Miss you!