Monday, September 23, 2013

Create It and Blog It Holidays

So I feel the need to be creative these school I always do!! I also feel I should either really dump the blog or give it one last go. So here goes - my promise over these holidays....CREATE IT & BLOG IT!
I have started a painting class and had my first lesson last Thursday. It was wonderful just doing something for me. 
One of the kids were flicking through the TV channels the other night and we saw this-
I found out that De was local and signed up! 

Having learnt some techniques already I started to have a go at home and cover some old canvases. The pile of old canvases has really increased after a clean out of bedrooms. I am hoping to do some more of these for the school fete. I did one for the school Art Show which was then auctioned. There were many comments about it and it sold.

Not everything I do is pink - it just seems that way!

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