Thursday, April 14, 2005

Day to Myself.

With the kids spending the day with Grandma and Grandpa, I was amazed at what I could achieve "sans kinder". To the passport office to renew Zoe's passport laden with that much documentation to prove she is my child,when you would think her old passport would be enough! Then to a fabric shop that was closing down that day....of course I bought more fabric though there really wasn't anything inspirational to be found! Discovered another "aussiejunk/revolve" and for $8 I came home with a box full of coloured china for our mosaic wall! oh and I forgot to mention the stop at a trendy cafe for a cappucino and a huge slice of cake....reading gourmet food magazines, relaxing and not once did i hear "mum!!"...bliss!!! Then home to sort out/throw out stuff in the girls' is so amazing the little "bits" of stuff my two girls collect! So far they haven't asked for the missing things that are heading to the charity shop! My sister popped around too and decided she wanted to learn to knit so I tried to teach her with size 10 needles! After a few attempts and some swear words, she decided to take one of the scarfs I had knitted instead!!


kath red said...

Hi, just read your blog after you left a comment on mine. I love a day to myself - its hard to imagine what I did with the all that time pre-kids. Had a brief look at your mums blog too. do you live in Canberra?

Calidore said...

Lucky you having a day to yourself. Isn't it amazing how much stuff kids manage to hide in their rooms. I cleaned out James' the other day - four garbage bags later - I could actually see light at the end of the tunnel. Serves me right for not getting in there sooner.