Monday, April 11, 2005

Kids doing mosaic

Kids doing mosaic Posted by Hello

What have I started? The very large concrete wall at the bottom of the garden has been crying out to painted or decorated.....looks like I have two very keen mosaic artists!! We have decided on an underwater garden theme and already have 3 fish, an octopus, a weed and a flower! The girls love smashing the tiles and plates and then fitting the pieces together. I am now going to have find more colourful china and cheap tiles, though that is part of the fun. Not that I am an expert at mosaic, in fact I am a complete novice. We will see how far we get during the school holidays.

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Calidore said...

Welcome to Blogging. I'm sure we will enjoy reading yours and the childrens adventures. Send the kids my way when they want to do more mosaic. I'm a novice too, but did produce a credible looking table top for when we have drinks outside. I do like the idea of a wall of mosaic though. Mmmmmmm, the possibilities......