Thursday, April 28, 2005


These are two different scarves. My idea of knitting involves really big needles (15mm) and chunky wool or what I love doing best is combining different wools. Posted by Hello


Kirby kid said...

Hey Shell
Yeah, got a blogg up and running -we'll see how up to date it gets kept!
How did your test go? I have 6 yucky assignments to hand in over the next 5 weeks..... always last minute!
Keen to mosiac another water creature - I thought maybe a Dolphin if there was room! Russ can help this time!

kath red said...

hi, I try to go to the bus depot markets every week but more realistically is twice a month. I didn't worry about the insurance. what are the hall markets like? do you get a lot of business? do you just turn up or do you have to book etc. how much is a stall?