Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Tree Climbing

I would have thought Luca was too young to climb a tree. However this tree we found at a lovely spot by the lake had plenty of room for 5 kids to climb and have a tea party in. I also fell in love with my friends' little boy's yellow shoes...think i need to find myself some!!
Looks like a great day today and we are staying home as I am looking after another 3 little girls. Will prepare myself for lots of sqealing, dressing up and I am sure the older ones will want to put make-up on the younger ones. My sister has called and wants to come over to continue the mosaic and she wants me to have another go at teaching her to knit! Posted by Hello


Alice said...

Do you think yellow shoes will look good with all your orange clothes?

Snake in Fall said...

Nice blog, here are mine:


Have a nice day!

husimom said...

that CANNOT be Luca! my, how he has grown!