Friday, April 22, 2005

Our First Watermelon

OK so it isn't the biggest melon ever, but it tasted just like a "big" one!! There are another two melons growing although it looks like we will need to pick them before they get to "grow up". The kids loved the idea we were able to grow our own melons. I love my garden, although it runs strictly on the "survival of the fittest" system. I plant the plants and they have to do all they can to survive! And then we will happily eat their fruits!

Today I had planned to dedicate to studying and successfully did so, until about 3pm, when I could no longer stand the mess in the kitchen or the amount of gunk on the floors. The kids were sent outside to play and I washed the floors, then joined the kids outside and continued with some of the mosaic. It is wonderful to be able to do some bits every now and then and to see how it continues to evolve. We have no plan of what or where we want to put things - the ideas fit in the spaces.Posted by Hello


Alice said...

Looks delicious. Was it? Shame about the legs in the background of the photo!!!

carly said...

Hi Shelly
Wow I think your mosaic wall is fantastic!! I am a Mum to a 18 month old little girl and I am also a teacher and designer living in Adelaide, so i was intrigued by your blog since we have many things in common. What type of teaching are you studying? will pop back often to see how your wall is going!