Saturday, May 14, 2005

Pretty good idea!

Fantastic to have a weekend with absolutely no plans or commitments! Of course I had planned on doing so much "catching up" with assignments, washing, sewing, gardening....etc etc. Hubby had another IDEA and insisted we do a "family" thing today. So all plans were shelved (reluctantly by me anyway) and we went to the market to buy some of his favourite sausages and bread and then drove out to a dam. There was no one around on such a glorious day. We all collected wood and built a fantastic fire and had delicious sausages and bread. Then we played near the river and the kids went on little adventures, climbing the high (in their eyes) riverbank. It was just wonderfully quiet, relaxing and such a great IDEA! I think I achieved far more on this lovely outing than I would have at home anyway!


Alice said...

I don't think your day compares at all with washing clothes, sweeping and washing floors, tidying the sewing room and vacuuming the house, watching your brother play hockey (played well but drew the game), coming home and watching a scary (learnt that from Luca) DVD before cooking dinner.

Glad you all had such a great day.

Alice said...

You could have at least had a photo of the fire and the burnt sausages. I would have.

kath red said...

this sounds fantastic, its nice for the hubby to take control of the weekend and plan something special, sounds like a great family outing, I really must do more of these things. the kids really get a lot out of it, and its great to spend time together not doing jobs around the house.