Wednesday, May 25, 2005

self portrait

 Posted by Hello This was two weekends ago and with the idea from redcurrent I thought I would have a go! I just love the way I am somewhere hidden in the shadow!

Other stuff..well I finished my two weeks and had a great time though am happy being back with my kids at the moment. i was really inspired by some fantastic teachers and have come away with lots of tips i hope to remember. Made a trip to a big fabric shop and bought way too much i needed any of it anyway. When the guy at the checkout said "That comes to $102.00 please"...I said "You've got to be kidding, I only came in for interfacing!!" He was a little worried until I said "I am kidding" now that needs to be made into bags and stuff. Dinner with friends on the weekend in their new house has me wanting to somehow quietly start an extension of our own house on my own!!! to have more space!!! Not that it would be tidy....i have had bigger than this and i am still a clutter queen!!
My dear hubby is off to try his hand at Hockey tonight!! After watching me play for years, he has decided to have a go which is great!! i have said he can borrow all my stuff for now..though i draw the line at him lending my mouthguard!!
Getting cooler here and i am worried the mosaic will be shelved until warmer is pretty shady where it is and gets rather chilly for most of the day....we will see. Mind you our expert turtle and snail mosaicer will be housesitting for 6 weeks for us while we head back to Switzerland so maybe she might have the urge!!!
A few days to think of May flowers if it is simple I may just get it done!!


kath red said...

hey welcome back
glad you survived 2 weeks of kids, i don't know how the teachers do it - but i guess it helps if they aren't your kids.

Kirby kid said...

He was sprung trying on hockey shoes!!
For whom did he debut?