Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thurday already..

It is already Thursday...where has the week gone. It is actually 6.00am and I have been up since 5.00am silently panicking and turning the office upside down (it already looked as though the entire room had been through a blender!!) in search of my name badge I need to wear to the school next week. Having just finished rehearsing my "I am so sorry I seem to have misplaced my badge..." speech, I found it in a pouch hidden in a pile of fabric! I could go back to bed for another hour but the adreneline is still flowing!! In truth I like these early mornings to myself in a silent house.

We have all had the lovely vomiting bug to varying degrees this past week. On Tuesdays when I spend the whole day at school (8am-7pm), dear hubby works from home and takes care of the three cherubs. This Tuesday although he wasn't vomiting he felt really sick all day but insisted he could look after the kids. I came home to see the kids sitting at the table having dinner and he lying on the couch looking awful. All I could say was "now you know what it is like to have all day Morning Sickness and look after kids".

As a Florist in one of my former lives....I still help out at busy times. So this weekend I will be very busy creating some beautiful arrangements for well deserving mothers! I do enjoy M'Day as the flowers are lovely, people tend to spend more money and therefore we get to create some very special things.

Yesterday I helped out at Shay's preschool and they were having a Mothers Day stall. The parents had been asked to donate a $2.00 gift and also give $2.00 so the children could spend it buying the presents. I had donated a little bath sponge and also a small scarf I had knitted. I hadn't told Shay what I was donating. Anyway yesterday I helped the children wrap un their presents in some gorgeous paper they had made. The teacher helped Shay wrap her present so I couldn't see it. As I had helped all the other children wrap theirs and none of them had chosen the scarf and it wasn't on the table after....I know what I am getting for Mothers Day. I think it is very funny but also extremely sweet that she should pick out something she knows I would really like! Don't worry I will be so pleased and will never ever let on that it was one I made!!!


Alice said...

I won't, either.

Kirby kid said...

well, you can only suppose then that Shay has good taste!!

Kirby kid said...
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