Friday, May 06, 2005

Dentist Dramas

I have survived..I am OK..In hindsight..It wasn't so bad!!
Confession: I hadn't been to the dentist in a very very long time..we are talking years..quite a few years. I had (note had) been blessed with very good teeth and had never had a filling until last week. Dentists didn't scare me until I had my four wisdom teeth taken out in the chair by a horrible dentist! Not wanting to instill this fear into my children, I decided I had to be brave!! So the hardest part really was to make the appointment. How silly is this..i went to a dentist i didn't know and even used my husbands name (for the first time). The initial visit revealed (thanks to photos on a screen in front of me!!) how bad they were and that I would need 6 fillings!! Plus as gum disease had started I needed the big job - teeth and under the gums cleaned!...then there came the cost!! The dentist said it would take two visits.

The first visit I turned up with my own dark sunglasses and my Discman hoping that Sarah McLachlan would keep me calm and I wouldn't hear too much. The pain after the whole thing was horrible and I wasn't going to go back for the other side ever!! But I did....again with my glasses and as I didn't want to have a classical conditioning association with feeling of fear when I hear 'building a mystery' etc I took Texas to block out the noise, however my batteries went flat after about two songs!! as I said at the beginning I survived but it wasn't nice at all. I promised promised the dentist to really really look after my teeth so much that any future visits will have me just smile at him and he'll say they are perfect!! And although the kids have been to the dentist and have been great, I have promised to continue my new "no fear of the dentist" campaign!


Kirby kid said...

Last time I went to the dentist I ended up in hospital getting four teeth extracted (at least it wasn't in the chair!)And I can still feel a scar bump where they cut and then stitched up the inside of my cheek wrestling with one of those teeth. I think I have contributed enough to the 'mouth-open-wide' domain for the next few years!

kath red said...

have you survived? I recently had a wisdom tooth out, quick to remove but painful for about 2 weeks after. ouch. I am feeling for you.