Friday, June 17, 2005

9 more sleeps!

Only 9 more sleeps until we head off on our big 6 week holiday back to Switzerland!! Getting very excited..just not gettting very ready yet!!! Though I should do something about it this weekend....and as it should be summer there it wont be like i am packing clothes we are currently wearing.

This is a photo of Shay taken by Zoe. The beauty of digital cameras is the kids can snap away and instantly see what they have taken. This was one of the better ones!!!

A small local market is happening tomorrow and I am setting up for mum and i and staying the first couple of hours and then she will take over so I can go to my hockey game. I went to watch Marcel play last night as I hadn't seen him play before. I really was impressed at how much he has learnt in only 3 games....really not bad for an old guy!!

Have been doing some more knitting, determined to knit up all the wool I have....yes, even when wool is on sale now..i can't buy it!!! However I do love my resourcefulness when combining wools!!

Still impressed with our orange wall and have no problems sleeping. Though as those who know me, know I have no problems sleeping anyway..anytime...just NOT when I am pregnant....boy how I wished I had know about blogs for those 27 months of my life!!!

Button had a great link to a graffiti website. I have come up with one that I would love to paint in my kitchen..."I am Woman, I am Invincible, I am Knackered."

i've been tagged by kath with a music baton.
total number of musical files on my computer: I don't put any there..hubby does..thankfully i like most of his stuff!!

the last cd i bought was: no idea..i just tell others what to buy me.

song playing right now: The Battlefield Band...some scottish jiggy music that makes you want to dance!

five songs i listen to a lot or mean a lot to me: Bette Midler - The Rose (because i am really pathetic!): Pet Shop Boys - Always on my Mind: Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill: Pachelbel - canon ( yes I am really really soppy!!): Chumbawamba - Tubthumping (i love jumping around like a real idiot to this one!!).

music for pleasure - anything that doesn't involve hand actions!!

passing the baton to (only if you want to): Alice ::Marcel :: Kirby :: button :: moopy

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kitschenette said...

oh, how exciting for you to be coming back to swissyland. the weather is gorgeous at the moment (i stress AT THE MOMENT), and all the delicious fruits are in season. where in CH will you be?